Jitjatjo is looking for passionate and hardworking talent like you who enjoy working in fast-paced kitchen environments.
Chefs are passionate about food and support the overall kitchen team with mise en place, station set up for service and run a section in a kitchen. Successful Talent multitask, follow strong food handling practises, manage their section keeping it clean and organised, communicate openly, operate with minimal supervision, and carefully follow direction or recipe cards for food service.
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- Carefully follow standard recipes while preparing assigned items for food service
- Fulfill all mise en place and preparation lists prior to service
- Cook, bake, grill, sauté or fry all dishes as specified in the menu and prep sheet/recipe card
- Plate and garnish food items before table service
- Support, mentor, and guide junior Chefs or Cooks
- Support senior management (Sous or Head Chef) in tasks like ordering from suppliers, accepting and checking deliveries, checking prep, adjusting rosters, trialing or training new recruits
- Following service, replenish their section through ordering or prepping for the next service
- Follow safe and sanitary food handling practices according to local health and state laws
- Ensure that guest meals come out quickly, simultaneously, and consistently
- Communicate openly and professionally
- Maintain a positive and professional environment with coworkers and customers
- Has a strong understanding of dietary allergies/intolerances


- 1+ years experience as a Chef working in a commercial kitchen with appropriate qualifications and training
- Excellent understanding of various cooking methods, knife skills, ingredients, equipment, and procedures in the kitchen
- Accuracy and speed in executing assigned tasks with strong attention to detail
- Physical ability to lift/carry heavy equipment and stand for long periods of time
- Must understand and execute Food Safety and sanitation protocols
- Familiar with industry best practices
- Excellent verbal communication and organisation skills
- A responsible and trustworthy team player
- Supervising or management experience of other kitchen line staff is a plus
- Own Chef’s knife set may be required

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Cert IV Commercial Cookery
COVID-19 Vaccinated

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Good to be back really miss this job/ company thank you jitjatjo/ Flex

Reginald P.
Porter / General Cleaner / Cashier

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Everything is GREAT!😃 FLEX gives YOU lots of opportunities to make money to support yourself and family!!😍

Marielos R.
F&B Attendant / Bartender

I like being able to have balance between work and personal life, and Jitjatjo offers me the flexibility to do both. Their app is user friendly. In one look you can plan out what jobs fit your schedule and you’ll know approximately what you can expect to make. The payment process is quick and easy, with options of either bi-weekly paychecks or instant pay. This is the convenience those of us in the gig economy look for. Above all people I’ve met are great people through Jitjatjo. They make the gigs enjoyable.

Marshall K.
F&B Attendant

I've loved working for Jitjatjo since my first gig. The team are very helpful and consistent in feedback, advice, even tips to help a worker out during a gig. Every issue I've ever had a Jitjatjo member resolved in no time. I would recommend Jitjatjo to anyone !

Kathleen L.
Food Runner / F&B Attendant

Great company that has helped me stay afloat while transitioning in entrepreneurship ventures. It’s also a great opportunity to enhance and develop new skills, connect with leaders and build references.

Sydia D.
Kitchen Hand

I like the culture. More specifically, I like the culture because Managers are sturdy and know how to delegate without being rude. It's a win/ win. They're great here

Tristin T.
Bartender / Food Runner

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